Warren Screw Pump Meets High Viscosity Demands

A versatile, positive displacement pump ideal for pumping high viscous liquids is available from Warren Pumps Inc., Warren, Mass.

Designed to efficiently pump liquids with viscosities to 150,000,000 ssu or more, the Warren 2200 series screw pump handles capacities to 9,000 gpm and discharge pressures to 700 psi, at speeds to 1,800 rpm. The pump is well-suited for use in a wide range of applications, including chemical processing, petroleum, petrochemical, power, barge, and vacuum system services.

The Warren 2200's ability to pump non-lubricating and highly viscous liquids, like polymers, adhesives, oils, lard, molasses, and synthetic rubbers, stems directly from its innovative pumping screw design. Basically, the design consists of two sets of meshed rotating screws, timed and driven by externally lubricated, herringbone-style gears that are manufactured from heattreated steel. The screws convey liquid toward the center of the pump where the discharge port is located. The design creates a bi-directional pumping action that eliminates thrust and provides a hydraulically balanced pump. It also ensures a quiet pulseless flow, increasing the pump's efficiency.

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