Voith to Exhibit VWT Baut at SIMM

At this year's SMM in Hamburg, Voith Turbo (Hall 5, Stand 212) will highlight the new Voith Water Tractor (VWT) Baut (pictured right) which has been put in service by Bukser og Berging A/S in Oslo. It is the fifth VWT of the Bukser fleet, but the first fitted with optimized blades. In addition to Baut, the largest ferry currently in service on Lake Constance will be shown, attracting attention by its unusual design.

The company's R&D team will introduce the latest developments of the Voith Schneider Propeller. The new, modified blades and optimized kinematics improve the overall performance of the propeller. A new Voith Schneider Propeller generation has been created. From its Power Transmission Division, Voith Turbo will present its range of constant-fill and fill-controlled Voith Turbo couplings. They are designed to provide better sailing comfort and easier handling, while protecting against overloads and failures. Areas of application are main marine and auxiliary drive systems, for example on transport and cargo vessels, tug boats, administration-owned ships and special marine vessels.

Another highlight is the new compact Hycon connecting coupling by Voith Turbo Safeset.

Especially in the shipbuilding industry, low weight is of highest relevance to obtain manoeuvrability and higher speeds. Thanks to a friction factor that is substantially higher than that of conventional couplings, Hycon couplings enable operators to achieve higher transmittable torques with a smaller component.

They can be found in the drivelines of ships between engine and propeller and/or jet.

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