Dravo Lays Keel For Towboat Ordered By People's Republic Of China

The keel was laid recently for the first of four 6,000-bhp Friendship Class pushboats being manufactured by Dravo Corporation's Engineering Works Division for the People's Republic of China. The vessel will measure 45.7 meters by 12.8 meters by 3.5 meters (150 feet by 42 feet by l i y 2 feet). The boats and a fleet of 30 barges are being produced for the PRC's Chang Jiang Shipping Administration at Dravo's Neville Island shipyard near Pittsburgh.

From left to right in photograph, are: Chen Yiming, inspector, engineer-ship structure; Li Youqiang, inspector, interpreter; Peter Kurlak, vice president, manufacturing, Engineering Works Division; Kees van Mook, engineering manager, marine; Donald P. Courtsal, vice president and g e n e r a l manager, Engineering Works Division; Yu Xianhuan, chief inspector, directing engineer; Li Daode, inspector engineer, steering and navigation; Chen Xiaojin, inspector engineer, d r a w i n g s and superstructures; and Ling Hongyun, inspector engineer, mechanical and electrical.

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