Southern Shipbuilding Completes Conversion Of Hopper Dredge

Southern Shipbuilding Corporation recently delivered the hopper dredge Sandy Hook to McCormack Aggregates, South Amboy, N.J., after the vessel underwent conversion at the Slidell, La., yard.

The 290-foot Sandy Hook was converted from the hopper barge Harold Smith, which formerly transported petroleum coke between Norfolk, Va., and Philadelphia, Pa.

The extensive conversion of the 60-foot-wide, 21-foot-deep barge included adding dredging and generating equipment. Installed were two 12-cylinder EMD 12-645 diesel engines, each developing 1,500 hp and generating 1,150 kw of electrical power for operating the dredging equipment and on-board lighting. The dredge is pushed by the tugboat Ben Candies.

McCormack Aggregates, a joint venture of 98-year-old Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co., Oakbrook, 111., and McCormack Sand Co., Highstown, N.J., operates the Sandy Hook in lower New York Bay between the New York and New Jersey shores, mining sand and gravel at a rate of about 800,000 cubic yards per year. The sand and gravel is transported 25 miles to McCormack Aggregates' plant at South Amboy, N.J.

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