SASMEX '88 To Be Held April 26-28 In London

The 1988 Safety at Sea and Marine Electronics Exhibition and Conference (SASMEX '88) will be held at the New Hall, Royal Horticultural Society's Halls, Westminster, London, England, from April 26 to 28.

The SASMEX '88 Conference will cover various aspects of shipboard fires, including: firefighting equipment and training; contingency planning by port authorities; ship stability; various methods of alternative evacuation; and inflatable rescue boats. Electronics are also featured at the conference, the second day of which is devoted to different safety aspects of marine navigation. The papers to be presented cover such subjects as safety in command; the training and certification of watchkeepers; navigation in confined waters; and the use of digital charts in marine navigation. This latter subject will be covered by a manufacturer of such systems, Disc Navigation, and also by Rear Adm. R. O. Morris, the Hydrographer of the Navy.

The exhibition is a three-day event, April 26 to 28. The conference is of two days' duration, April 27 to 28.

Further details are available from Sandra White, SASMEX '88, Queensway House, 2, Queensway, Redhill, Surrey, HR1 1QS, England, phone (0737) 768611, telex 948669 TOPJNL G, telefax (0737) 760564.

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