Offshore Service Vessels, Tugboat And Inland Towboat Fleets

It is estimated there are approximately 10,000 self propelled tugs, towboats and offshore service vessels in the U.S. fleet.

Add to the above 10,000 tugs, towboats, and offshore support vessels, the balance of the United States shallow draft self propelled fleet consisting of 11,000 ferries, patrol boats, dredges, pilot boats, fire boats, small harbor tankers, etc. and the number of documented small vessels in the U.S. self-propelled fleet (5- 1000 gross tons) totals approximately 21,000 draft vessels.

shallow- NOTE: These tables do not include all shallow-draft vessels, i.e. ferries, patrol boats, fire boats, dredges, commercial fishing boats, etc. are not included.

The figures in these shallow draft tables are conservative as it is not possible to obtain data on every tug, towboat and offshore support vessel in the United States fleet (a limited number of smaller and/or individually owned boats may not be included). Statistical Summary The following table summarizes the American-owned fleet as it existed at the end of calendar year 1984. It shows the breakdown of the fleet by type of vessel by year built. This represents the available fleet at year end and includes the known operational fleet plus vessels temporarily laid up, vessels in unknown fleets, and completed but unsold shipyard stock. Vessels removed from the fleet during 1984 are not included.

Source: Statistics courtesy of Fleet Data Service, P. 0. Box 2576, Nacogdoches, TX 75963. Telephone (409) 569-0375.

Similar tables can be generated on specific segments of the fleet on a custom basis. Contact James O. Covington, Fleet Data Service, P. 0. Box 2576, Nacogdoches TX 75963. Telephone (409) 569-0375 for further details of information available. Statistical Summary The following statistical tables summarize the 1310 tugs in the active American fleet at the end of 1984.

Three specific vessel types have been identified and tabulated separately. These are anchor-handling tugs (AT), tugs used with dedicated tug/barge units (IT), and tugs in ship-handling or harbor service (HBR). The remaining 776 tugs are not equipped with deck gear for anchor-handling service, tendering for ship-handling service, or special barge connectors for ITB service. These 776 tugs are in general towing service.

The inventory has been tabulated by year built and horsepower ranges. It should be noted that these HP ranges are based upon manufacturer's ratings for continuous duty.

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