Conrad Industries Delivers Floating Drydock For Use At New Missouri Repair Yard

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A 3,250-ton-capacity floating drydock, built by Conrad Industries, Inc., Morgan City, La., has arrived for service in St. Louis, Mo. Conrad Industries' CEO, J. Parker Conrad, said the unit, which was contracted for by Missouri Drydock and Repair Company, Cape Giradeau, Mo., is being used primarily to drydock river pushboats. This vessel, measuring 180 by 78 feet, is unique in that it was constructed in three 60- foot sections, each built and launched separately. Though independent, the sections work as one unit connected by steel straps that provide Missouri Drydock and Repair Co. with a fullsize floating drydock.

In addition, any single section may be removed and placed in the remaining sections allowing self-maintenance. As a complete unit, the drydock is capable of completing a maximum pump-out in only 35 minutes.

Designed to work at the Missouri Drydock and Repair Company's new St. Louis facility, the multi-sectional steel drydock was routed from Conrad Industries' expanded facilities, through the Morgan City Harbor, the Gulf of Mexico, and up the Mississippi River to St. Louis.

Recently constructed vessels built by Conrad Industries include the Majestic Lady, a threedeck pleasure craft for Citsejam Tours of Nassau, Bahamas; a drydock contracted by Naval Drydock Guadaloupe, French West Indies; and the Rio Manzanares GS-01, a multipurpose drydock/ barge vessel built for the Nacional de Canalizaciones of Venezuela.

In an expansion program completed in 1988, Conrad Industries added 550 feet of new steel bulkhead, extending the riverfront of the yard to 1,300 feet, and a second drydock, measuring 200 feet long with a 2,400-ton capacity. The yard also expanded and upgraded its sandblasting, welding, painting, machine shop, etc., facilities. For free literature detailing the building and repair facilities of Conrad Industries,

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