Gladding-Hearn Delivers First Of Two To Charleston Pilots

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Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding has delivered the first of two new pilot boats for the Charleston, S.C. pilots. This brings the number of pilots' boats built by the Somerset, Mass. shipyard for Charleston Navigation to seven within the past 40 years.

The increased size and performance of the 76 ft. (22.8 m) aluminum boat mirrors the demands of today's pilots, who travel farther offshore and hold station, according to shipyard officials. Designed by C. Raymond Hunt and Gladding- Hearn, the twin-screw vessel, which has a 20-ft. (6 m) beam and draws slightly more than five ft., is powered by Detroit Diesel 16V-2000 DDEC engines, each rated for 1,285-bhp at 2,100 rpm driving Brunton five-bladed, propellers via Twin Disc gears.

The vessel's combination deep-vee hull, which has a top speed of 28 knots, and the special shape of the superstruce ture ensures a stable platform alongside large ships and a smooth pull-away.

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