Port Authority In Malaysia Orders Voith Water Tractor

—Literature Available Kuantan Port Authority in Malaysia recently placed an order with Penang Shipbuilding Corporation for a Voith Water Tractor as a shiphandling vessel for the newly built terminal in Kuantan. The decision was made after extensive evaluation of different tugboat designs and propulsion systems, considering also practical experience in different harbors in Malaysia.

The vessel will have a waterline length of about 92 feet, beam of 30.8 feet, and maximum draft of about 14 feet. Displacement will be about 400 tons. Propulsion will be provided by two Stork Werkspoor diesel engines, each with an output of 1,341 bhp, and two Voith-Schneider 26 G 11/165 propellers. This combination will give the vessel a freerunning speed of 12 knots and a bollard pull of 30 tons.

Three harbor authorities in India have also decided in favor or Voith Water Tractors. The Madras Port Authority has ordered two vessels of 30 tons bollard pull each; the Tuticorin Port Authority has contracted for one tractor of about 35 tons bollard pull; and the new Mangalore Port Authority has ordered one water tractor of about 35 tons bollard pull and one of about 25 tons. For further information on Voith Water Tractors,

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