ZF Announces Improvements In Four Marine Transmissions

improvements transmissions

ZF of North America has announced reliability and horsepower capacity improvements in four of its marine transmission models.

The input torsional couplings on the transmissions are now attached to the input shaft by means of an SKF® keyless taper. This design modification improves the reliability and increases the horsepower capacity of the transmissions.

The improvements have been made to the IRM 301 PL-2, IRM 301 A-2, IRM 320 PL-1 and IRM 320 A-l transmissions.

All four transmissions are designed for high-performance, planing hull vessels in private use, such The IRM 301 A2 marine transmission from ZF of North America is rated for engines up to 490 bhp.

as sport fishing boats, express cruisers and other high-horsepower-toweight applications. All are rated for continuous, medium, light and pleasure craft duty cycles for diesel engines.

The IRM 301-A-2 is rated for engines up to 490 bhp; the IRM 301 PL-2 for engines up to 543 bhp; the IRM 320 PL-1 for engines up to 707 bhp; and the IRM 320 A-l for engines up to 704 bhp.

ZF, headquartered in Friedrichshafen, West Germany, is a leading manufacturer of major power train components—gears, transmissions, pumps, axles and other drive systems. ZF of North America is headquartered in Lincolnshire, 111.

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