Union Bay Marine And Thomas Dyer Form New Company

Union Bay Marine Corporation and Thomas R. Dyer have announced the formation of a new company, Union Bay Shipbuilding Corporation. The new company will be owned jointly by Union Bay Marine and Mr. Dyer. Mr. Dyer has been appointed president, and will operate the shipyard located at 801 N.


PAMS Installs New Drydock At Its River Plant

Two significant events occurred at Midland/Port Allen Marine Services (PAMS) recently. The Baton- Rouge-based firm announced the installation of a new dry dock at its River Plant, located at Mile 224 on the Lower Mississippi River. The 1,200-ton

U.S. Market: Foundation for the Future

In part two of a two-part series, William G. Schubert, the new U.S. Maritime Administrator (MarAd), speaks with H. Clayton Cook, Jr. about the current standing and future direction of maritime activities in the United States. Cook: I'd like to pick up where we left off last time.

Posidonia The International Shipping Exhibition

Piraeus, Greece June 4-8, 1990 Posidonia '90, the biennial international shipping exhibition, will be held in Piraeus, Greece, from June 4 to 8, 1990, at the Piraeus Port Authority waterfront exhibition center. Providing the industry with a vote of confidence,

Micronautics Offers Free Literature On Tide Predicting Software

Micronautics, Inc., Rockport, Maine, a firm which produces industrial grade seagoing software, is offering free literature on "TIDE.l Rise & Fall," a program for IBM PCs that predicts tides over 3,600 locations around the U.S. and Canada. TIDE.

AMERICA'S SEAPORTS The Dynamics Of Change

For more than three centuries, America's seaports have been centers of population, trade, and vibrant economic activity. Within the past three years, the U.S. seaport industry has emerged from the throes of recession, and today, in many respects,


ANSCHUETZ Circle 6 1 on Reader Service Card Anschuetz & Co. GmbH of Kiel- Wik, West Germany, designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of navigation products, including gyrocompasses, autopilots, and steering controls that have been installed on more than 9,

Salvors Forge Their Way into the Future

Maritime Reporter solicited the opinions of two of the leading marine salvage companies to discover trends and challenges facing marine operators in the near future. The 2003 National Maritime Salvage Conference, sponsored by American Salvage Association (ASA),

Companies Bond Together To Form American Salvage Association

Responding to the need for a presence and to assist in the professionalization of the U.S. marine salvage and firefighting response, nine U.S. salvors have joined together to form the American Salvage Association (ASA). The initial group has participated

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