Thomson-Gordon Introduces N ew Acrylic Adhesive For Bonding Thordon Elastomeric Bearings

— L i t e r a t u r e A v a i l a b le A new acrylic adhesive, called TG-6, has been introduced by Thomson-Gordon Limited of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, for bonding its Thordon elastomeric marine bearings and bearing materials to a wide range of backing metals, including steel and nonferrous metals.

The adhesive is primarily intended for the installation of Thordon propeller-shaft and rudder- shaft bearings by shipyards, large boatbuilders and marine and fishing-boat repair depots. Depending upon the application, the bearing or bearing staves can be bonded to the shaft housing rather than being shrink fitted using dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

TG-6 provides room-temperature curing and gives, according to the manufacturer, an exceptionally strong bond, resistant to oil and water.

The surface should be cleaned and the activator applied. The adhesive is then applied and the joint made and tightly clamped for two to five minutes at 23° C (77° F), when handling strength is achieved. Working strength is reached in 60 minutes, full strength in 24 hours.

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