Use Of Fuel Additive Shows Bunker Oil Savings Of Over 10%

In a study funded by the Maritime Administration of the U.S.

Department of Commerce, Seaworthy Engine Systems of Essex, Conn., has reported on the effect of commercial fuel oil additives on steamship boiler condition and fuel economy. The most effective additive was a dispersion of inorganic magnesium oxide, organic magnesium and organic manganese, identified by the Rolfite Company of Stamford, Conn., as one of the company's marine products.

The actual savings realized was a 10.3 percent improvement in fuel economy and sharply reduced boiler maintenance. The ships used in the study each consumes 29,250 tons of Bunker C fuel per year, assuming 17,500 shp normal power and 300 days per year underway.

At a fuel cost of $80 per ton, the yearly fuel bill is $2,300,000.

A 10.3-percent fuel saving represents $236,900. Additive cost is less than 1 percent of fuel cost for a final saving of over $210,000 per ship, per year. That is equivalent to an energy saving of 13,694 barrels of oil per year, per ship.

The Maritime Administration evaluation was conducted aboard six jumboized Mariner-class (C6- S-la) U.S.-flag containerships.

Boilers were "run against themselves" to strengthen test results.

Test boilers were thoroughly cleaned and inspected and run for one trip without the additive to establish baseline data. The boilers were cleaned and inspected, and the additive was used for a total of three trips (approximately 2,000 hours steaming time). The boilers were inspected again and then run without additive to reinforce baseline data.

Rolfite also offers a packaged treatment system which automatically meters additives into the main fuel delivery line during bunkering. Capable of hands-off automatic operation, the system assures thorough mixing of the fuel and additive. Admiralty MM remains fully dispersed and cannot settle out in tanks and lines, due to the submicron size of the magnesium oxide particles.

Copies of the U.S. Maritime Administration Report MA-RD- 920-77097 are available at $6 each from Rod Rodrigue, The Rolfite Company, 300 Broad Street, Stamford, Conn. 06901. Full information on Admiralty Marine Products is also available from Rolfite.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 40,  Jul 15, 1978

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