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Propulsion Technology

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Beele’s SLIPSIL XL-120 Sealing

Plugs Deliver Fire Safety

Beele Engineering recently acquired the MED certi? cate for its SLIPSIL

XL-120 plugs, which means they are CE certi? ed in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU. The certi? cate relates to the SLIPSIL XL-120 transit seal-

Svitzer’s New Line

ACR Electronics Expands ing system for steel, stainless steel,

Handling Technology

MOB Product Range

CuNi and copper pipes through

Svitzer has begun sea trials of a re-

The ACR OLAS product line in- decks and bulkheads in the A-60 motely operated line catching tech- cludes the ACR OLAS Tag and class as well as for blind penetrations nology prototype. The new innova-

ACR OLAS Float-On MOB sys- with SLIPSIL XL-120 blind plugs. tive mechanism could signi? cantly tems. ACR OLAS mobile applica- improve safety standards and reduce tion technology detects a break in risks for crews during the process of the ‘virtual tether’ from the mobile connecting with other vessels, one of device to the ACR OLAS MOB sys- the most critical elements of towage tem within 8 seconds of falling over- operations. Svitzer’s line catcher is re- board. The phone stores the GPS lo- motely and safely operated from the cation, sounds a loud alarm, alerting wheelhouse and catches and secures crew before the OLAS app then pro- the connecting vessel’s heaving line. vides directions to the GPS location.

Wilhelmsen’s Rope Technology

Promotes Safe Mooring

Mooring marine vessels is an incredi- bly high risk task. Serious, often fatal, accidents continue to happen with depressing regularity, with seemingly no end in sight. Until now. Wilhelm- sen Ships Services’ unique solution

CFI Launches New Website dramatically reduces a rope’s recoil,

Coatings for Industry (CFI) has or snap-back potential. The Snap

ABB Ability Marine Pilot Control launched a completely new website, integrates DP2 for Safety

Back Arrestor (SBA) is an energy www.c?, delivering in-

ABB Ability Marine Pilot Control absorbing core which sits within the depth resources to its customers and allows deploying joystick control for company’s Timm Master 12-strand professionals across the many in- maneuvering at all times, including plaited, mixed polymer rope. dustries the company serves. CFI’s around the berth. Integrating DP2 new website contains nearly 300 functionality adds redundancy in pages of coating system recommen- technical design, ensuring that in dations, detailed information and the event of a single system fault, the applicator resources in a modern, vessel’s position will be maintained. responsive design optimized for all

This functionality is particularly cru- devices and browsers. It’s a powerful cial for safe and reliable operation of resource for contractors, engineers, construction and wind farm vessels speci? ers and asset owners. working alongside ? xed structures. www.c? 59 MN

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