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Propulsion Technology

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ABB’s Onboard Microgrid for

Small Vessel Fuel Economy

ABB’s compact DC-based power distribution system offers hybrid power ef? ciencies to smaller ves- sels. The new Onboard Microgrid is based on the ABB power distribu-

Natural Gas Sensing Capability tion system Onboard DC Grid with for LNG Powered Engines the proven ability to enable up to

The Near Infrared Intelligent Sen-

MAN’s IMO Tier III 20% energy ef? ciency in larger ves- sor Natural Gas sensor from CMR

Engine forWorkboats sels. The launch of the compact-size

Group reduces consumption lev-

MAN Engines now offers a 12-cyl- solution allows ABB to provide ef- els of natural gas-powered engines inder, IMO Tier III emission stan- ? ciencies for smaller, lower-power through real time measurement of dards engines for workboats, span- vessels, running on batteries, fuel fuel quality. The sensor, directly ning a comprehensive power range cells, or as fuel cell/battery hybrids. connected to the gas feeder pipeline, from 551 to 1,213 kW. Immediately is built around smart infrared hard- available, this is particularly relevant ware and data treatment software to customers in Canada and US and features a CAN bus commu-

East and West Coast ECA’s, who nications facility, which enables the are now subject to regulatory limits system to be upgradeable without around 70% stricter than IMO Tier dismantling the sensor for improved

II. Modular EAT allows for a wide performance and retro applications. range of installation possibilities.

Royston’s EFMS ID’s Best

Speed for Fuel Economy

Diesel power specialist Royston has enhanced its Eco Speed analy- sis capability as part of its enginei electronic fuel management system (EFMS) to enable ship operators

Evinrude Launches New to identify and maintain optimum vessel speeds for ef? cient fuel usage 3-Cylinder E-TEC G2 Models

Daniamant launches across different operational modes.

Evinrude announced the expansion ODEO Strobe

The Eco Speed feature enables ship- of its Evinrude E-TEC G2 product Daniamant’s ODEO Strobe, a high ping operators to manage vessel and line to include 115 H.O., 140HP power white LED ? ashing light de- ? eet performance in the most ef? - and 150HP models. Evinrude’s ex- signed for use in emergency situa- cient way possible without impact- tended line-up provides operators tions as a collision warning signal or ing on essential day to activities. on the water - in any situation. These to pinpoint the position of a vessel models house a direct injection in- or individual in distress, builds on line three-cylinder powerhead. With the proven design of the ODEO more torque and fuel ef? ciency at Distress. Featuring a high pow- lower RPMs than comparable four- ered white strobe light, the ODEO stroke engines, the E-TEC G2 mod- Strobe has a 50cd luminosity inten- els give extended cruising capabili- sity and can be detected from three ties and more power when needed. nautical miles away.

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