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Propulsion Technology

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Operating these multiple power with ease. Many companies have in- tem have experience and tested power sources will require the proper power vested a lot of resources into research management software. The most cost- management infrastructure. When and development to create control effective solution (up front) may not these systems are designed correctly, systems to help vessel operators run at necessarily be the best or most cost- they will be programmed to address peak performance and peak ef? ciency. effective in the long run.

the speci? c lifecycle of the equipment However, it is still imperative that the as well as help crews troubleshoot integrators delivering the hybrid sys- W


There are a lot of bene? ts to hybrid- ization; however, there are also some ad- ditional costs that need to be factored in. Batteries, super capacitors and power electronics require a different approach to maintenance. They also have different lifecycles and can require a specialized skill set to service. Getting crews trained will also need to be a vital part of the equation when considering the transi- tion to hybridization. Troubleshooting a broken hydraulic line, for example, is a drastically different task than a broken wire. Also, there will need to be a dif- ferent approach to stocking spare parts on the vessel as some will have special guidelines for maintenance. Therefore, when it comes to hybridization, hav- ing the right partners means more than just ? nding the right suppliers; it must also include partnering to have the right people on board.

In fact, these partnerships—and hav- ing a concrete goal and plan in mind— are key items for success in navigating the multiple approaches to hybridiza- tion. An in-depth approach must be taken and planned out carefully. Once establishing what your approach will be for a hybrid vessel, ? nding experienced partners who will walk alongside you in the journey is the next key step. Climb- ing the mountain is easier done when you have not only de? ned a strong vi- sion, but also when you partner with others who have already experienced it.

Jon Mosterd is currently a member of the North

American Center of Excellence at Danfoss

Drives. Alongside his team, Jon helps to support

Integrators, OEMs and end users with their marine and heavy industry applications.

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