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Propulsion Technology

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In terms of the Maid of the Mist passenger vessels, give us an exhaust and heat. Lastly, if you are in knows millennials, is also aware that idea of the cost difference for the business of services to the general they are reshaping what is important these vessels had the operators public one cannot underestimate the in consumer culture- this includes opted, for example, for an EPA paradigm shift in where millennials environmental issues. tier 4 solution? will spend their money or support.

The Maid of the Mist vessel would have probably been able to use mul- tiply Tier 3 engines (less then 800HP each) thus staying below Tier 4 re- quirements. But even compared to

Tier 3 propulsion solutions there is a ? nancial bene? t to the owner to go full battery electric. When an owner makes the decisive decision to go full battery electric they are enjoying ben- e? ts both on the initial design and operation. There is bene? t in not just removing engines but also all the accompanying exhaust ducts, foun- dations, shaft lines, electrical con- nections, cooling, fuel lines, multiply pumps, and fuel tanks. The new ABB system for these types of vessels (ABB

Onboard Microgrid) is a new com- pact-size solution, ABB makes simi- lar ef? ciencies achievable for smaller, lower-power vessels operating over short distances that larger vessels have enjoyed for many years. Onboard

Microgrid reduces the footprint and weight of the electrical equipment on board by eliminating the need for bulky transformers and main switch- boards. That leaves more space on the vessels and provides greater ? ex- ibility in the positioning of system on board- thus saving money during de- sign. The system is almost completely pre-engineered and self-contained.

This saves costly time during the ves- sel construction period. But the real costs savings come during the opera- tions by reducing many of the major costs of operation like engine mainte- nance and fuel costs. It also improves space and layout of the vessel allow- ing for in this case more passengers to enjoy the top deck without the MN 17

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